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Learn About John Clayman and his experience with Selene Ocean Trawlers

John Clayman is a licensed captain and experienced cruiser of both sail and powerboats. John worked with Ted Hood in the design office and as the General Manager of Little Harbor before immersing himself in what at the time was a relatively new brand of boats Selene Ocean Trawlers. John combined his extensive boating knowledge and his Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering studies at M.I.T. to help develop and refine the new Selene Ocean Trawler Line. As the East Coast distributor for Selene Ocean Trawlers, John introduced and promoted these displacement powerboats.

Working with Howard Chen, founder of Selene, and his team at Jet-Tern Marine, John was engaged with the brand from early on. John’s knowledge and understanding of offshore cruising and his interaction with countless Selene owners over the years allow him to understand the boats’ intricacies, construction, maintenance, and capabilities.

Contact John to better understand the Selene brand’s history and development and learn more about why Selenes are excellent boats for coastal and ocean passage making. As one of the foremost Selene experts in the world, John’s insight and knowledge of the brand, the different models and specific boats, their voyages, and ownership history will help Selene aficionados better understand these iconic cruisers.

For Selene owners looking to list a used Selene, having a Selene expert like John involved can expedite the sale and ensure you get a fair price for your quality used Selene.

John Clayman